Muffle Furnaces

L, LT, L(T), LE, LV and LVT

Muffle furnaces from Nabertherm are reliable and versatile laboratory furnaces with a maximum temperature of 1300°C. The muffle furnaces come in different sizes and are clad in fiber or reflective brick insulation to effectively achieve a high and even working temperature. Likewise, the oven door can be opened downwards (L) which gives a good working surface or upwards (LT) with the warm inside facing away from the operator.

The muffle furnace is operated via a controller that allows you to store product recipes, make temperature profiles, manage different users and monitor the heat treatment process through your smartphone.

Air supply takes place through an adjustable inlet through the furnace door and exhaust gases leave the oven chamber through a valve at the rear of the furnace. It is also possible to build an integrated chimney with or without an exhaust fan and to integrate a protective gas system for more demanding processes or where your product emits toxic or flammable vapors.

Areas of Application

Muffle furnaces are perfectly suited for a large number of processes in materials research and heat treatment. For example, drying powders in the pharmaceutical industry and determining the moisture content of samples as part of quality control or curing materials and adhesives for components in the manufacturing industry.

Urban Wretlinge
Technical Sales Manager