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About CI Precision

CI Precision manufactures high accuracy weight sorters for tablets and capsules to ensure a uniform dosage.

The weight sorting machines have an outstanding accuracy of +-1mg and a capacity of 4,000 – 22,000 tablets / capsules per hour. Areas of application are e.g. to replace manual weighing and sorting in R&D processes and checkweighing of batches that have gone wrong.

Urban Wretlinge
Urban WretlingeTechnical Sales Manager



SADE SP-B60 Bench-top Weight Sorter

A compact benchtop weight sorter/check weigher for checking the weight uniformity of small clinical trials or formulation batches. The product can be sorted into either floor-standing bins or bench containers.

This precision tablet and capsule weight checker eliminates the need for manual weighing and recording of data.

With the addition of an optional mini hopper, the unit can be left unattended for long periods and minimizes a technician’s valuable time in a busy R&D laboratory.


SADE SP-260 Weight Sorter

A floor-standing weight sorter/check weigher unit optimized for medium-sized batches, ideal for recovering product from weight rejected batches and for ensuring weight consistency in large clinical trials.

The SADE SP-260 is ideally suited to situations where you need to accurately weight-sort every item, without a time-consuming setup and clean-down between different product batches. It has two sorting channels each fed by a large 60 liter bulk hopper for dependable long periods of operation.


  • Sorts tablets, mini tablets, capsules, and soft gels
  • Handles all shapes and sizes
  • No change parts are required
  • High accuracy ±1mg
  • Bulk hoppers for unattended operation
  • Rapid switching between product types
  • Recording and reporting of sort details